ACER Laptop Repair

Laptop store Services offers original Acer laptop repairing services at a moderate price range. You can expect to get discounts when you are dealing with us. If fact, if you are confused where to start for repairing your Acer laptop, our experts will guide you to get the most prominent solutions with best features.

ACER Authorized Laptop repair

Acer is one of the larger selling laptop in India. Acer upgrades their laptop so fast. Acer is only company who used always latest version technology. Acer gives always upgrade version LED, Processer, RAM. So many engineers likes very much, because it’s very easy to repair. Acer gives their spare parts in minimum cost and it’s available in market.We have all Acer laptops original, compatible spare parts in reasonable price. Our experienced engineers are always available for resolve your laptop problem. Don’t worry please call us.
We provide free pickup and delivery service to all over Kolkata and also all over west Bengal.

Process we follow

At Laptop store Services, we follow a transparent process for our customer. When we receive any laptop, we take customer sign on all laptop spare like DVD, LCD, battery, keyboard, hard disk, ram etc. and give a receipt copy to customer. After receiving the laptop we give problem report within 1 day with total estimate. We give the laptop to customer within 1 or 2 day with the estimate costing. If customer do not agree or do not clear the estimated the cost and want to take the laptop back without service, we don’t take any service charge. When we return laptop to customer we do verify sign by customer and erase all.

Timeline (approx)

We take maximum 5 days for complex case laptop. We give return the customer’s laptop within 2 days.


We give 1 month to 3 months warranty for repairing job and for new original or compatible productwe give 6 months to 1 year warranty. Problems that we specialized at:

• Any type of Motherboard Fault • Screen Replacement / Repair (LCD/LED/Paper LED) • No Power-on (Complete Dead) • No Power-on with battery or adapter. • Power-on but no display. • Power-on but not booting. • Power on and immediate shutdown. • Usb, Lan, problems. • Faint Display, Colored Display, White Display, Lines on Display. • Display Flicker, Multiple Display, Patch on screen. • Battery not charging, Plugged in not charging fault. • Sound not coming in speakers or headphones. • Hinges broken. • Keyboard not working, Keyboard button plugs out • Improper Shutdown, Thermal Shutdown • DVD/CD not working. • Touchpad not working. • Wifi, Bluetooth problem. • Hard disk not found. • Any BG IC replacement or reballing. • Water Spilled faults • Thunder lightning damage, Damage during Crash. • No bootable device found

ACER Laptop Models we service

Acer aspire 1200, Acer aspire 1300, Acer aspire 1350, Acer aspire 1360, Acer aspire 1400, Acer aspire 1410 (11.6''), Acer aspire 1420P, Acer aspire 1425P, Acer aspire 1430, Acer aspire 1430Z, Acer aspire 1450, Acer aspire 1500, Acer aspire 1510, Acer aspire 1520, Acer aspire 1551, Acer aspire 1600, Acer aspire 1610, Acer aspire 1620, Acer aspire 1640, Acer aspire 1640Z, Acer aspire 1650, Acer aspire 1650Z, Acer aspire 1660, Acer aspire 1670, Acer aspire 1680, Acer aspire 1690, Acer aspire 1700, Acer aspire 1710, Acer aspire 1800, Acer aspire 1810T, Acer aspire 1810TZ, Acer aspire 1820PT, Acer aspire 1820PTZ, Acer aspire 1825PT, Acer aspire 1825PTZ, Acer aspire 1830, Acer aspire 1830T, Acer aspire 1830TZ, Acer aspire 1830Z, Acer aspire 2000, Acer aspire 2010, Acer aspire 2020, Acer aspire 2420, Acer aspire 2430, Acer aspire 2920, Acer aspire 2920Z, Acer aspire 2930, Acer aspire 2930Z, Acer aspire 3000, Acer aspire 3020, Acer aspire 3030, Acer aspire 3040, Acer aspire 3050, Acer aspire 3100, Acer aspire 3410, Acer aspire 3410G, Acer aspire 3500

Acer aspire 3510 Acer aspire 3600Acer aspire 3610 Acer aspire 3610AAcer aspire 3620Acer aspire 3620AAcer aspire 3630Acer aspire 3640Acer aspire 3650Acer aspire 3660Acer aspire 3670 Acer aspire 3680Acer aspire 3690Acer aspire 3750 Acer aspire 3750GAcer aspire 3750ZAcer aspire 3750ZGAcer aspire 3810TAcer aspire 3810TGAcer aspire 3810TZAcer aspire 3810TZGAcer aspire 3811TGAcer aspire 3811TZAcer aspire 3811TZGAcer aspire 3820Acer aspire 3820G Acer aspire 3820T Acer aspire 3820TG Acer aspire 3820TZ Acer aspire 3820TZGAcer aspire 3820ZG Acer aspire 3830Acer aspire 3830GAcer aspire 3830T Acer aspire 3830TGAcer aspire 3935Acer aspire 4220 Acer aspire 4230Acer aspire 4250Acer aspire 4251 Acer aspire 4252Acer aspire 4253Acer aspire 4253GAcer aspire 4310Acer aspire 4315Acer aspire 4320Acer aspire 4330Acer aspire 4332Acer aspire 4333Acer aspire 4336Acer aspire 4339Acer aspire 4349 Acer aspire 4350Acer aspire 4350GAcer aspire 4352Acer aspire 4352GAcer aspire 4410 Acer aspire 4520 Acer aspire 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E3-112Acer aspire E3-112M Acer aspire E5-411 Acer aspire E5-411GAcer aspire E5-421Acer aspire E5-421GAcer aspire E5-471Acer aspire E5-471G Acer aspire E5-471P Acer aspire E5-471PGAcer aspire E5-472GAcer aspire E5-511Acer aspire E5-511GAcer aspire E5-511PAcer aspire E5-521Acer aspire E5-521GAcer aspire E5-531Acer aspire E5-531GAcer aspire E5-551Acer aspire E5-551GAcer aspire E5-571Acer aspire E5-571G Acer aspire E5-571PG Acer aspire E5-572GAcer aspire E5-721Acer aspire E5-731Acer aspire E5-731GAcer aspire E5-771Acer aspire E5-771GAcer aspire EC-470GAcer aspire EC-471GAcer aspire ES1-111Acer aspire ES1-111MAcer aspire ES1-311 Acer aspire ES1-411Acer aspire ES1-511 Acer aspire ES1-512Acer aspire ES1-711Acer aspire ES1-711GAcer aspire R3-471T Acer aspire R7-371TAcer aspire R7-571Acer aspire R7-571GAcer aspire R7-572 Acer aspire R7-572GAcer aspire V3-111PAcer aspire V3-112PAcer aspire V3-331Acer aspire V3-371Acer aspire V3-431Acer aspire V3-471Acer aspire V3-471G Acer aspire V3-472 Acer 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Extensa 2000Extensa 2300Extensa 2350Extensa 2500Extensa 2509 Extensa 2510 Extensa 2510GExtensa 2600Extensa 2900Extensa 2900DExtensa 2900EExtensa 2950 Extensa 3000Extensa 3100Extensa 4010Extensa 4100Extensa 4120 Extensa 4130 Extensa 4210 Extensa 4220 Extensa 4230Extensa 4420Extensa 4430Extensa 4620 Extensa 4620ZExtensa 4630Extensa 4630GExtensa 4630Z Extensa 4630ZGExtensa 500 Extensa 5010Extensa 5120Extensa 5200Extensa 5210Extensa 5220 Extensa 5230Extensa 5230E Extensa 5235Extensa 5410Extensa 5420Extensa 5420GExtensa 5430Extensa 5510Extensa 5510Z Extensa 5610 Extensa 5610GExtensa 5620Extensa 5620GExtensa 5620ZExtensa 5620ZGExtensa 5630Extensa 5630EZExtensa 5630GExtensa 5630Z Extensa 5630ZG Extensa 5635Extensa 5635GExtensa 5635ZExtensa 5635ZGExtensa 6600Extensa 6700Extensa 6700Z Extensa 710Extensa 7120Extensa 7220Extensa 7230Extensa 7230EExtensa 7420Extensa 7620Extensa 7620GExtensa 7620ZExtensa 7630Extensa 7630EZ Extensa 7630GExtensa 7630ZExtensa 7630

Acer travelmate 200Acer travelmate 2000Acer travelmate 210Acer travelmate 2100Acer travelmate 2200Acer travelmate 225Acer travelmate 230 Acer travelmate 2300Acer travelmate 2310 Acer travelmate 2350 Acer travelmate 240 Acer travelmate 2400 Acer travelmate 2410Acer travelmate 2420Acer travelmate 2430Acer travelmate 2440 Acer travelmate 2450Acer travelmate 2460 Acer travelmate 2470Acer travelmate 2480Acer travelmate 2490 Acer travelmate 250Acer travelmate 2500Acer travelmate 250PAcer travelmate 260 Acer travelmate 2600Acer travelmate 270Acer travelmate 2700Acer travelmate 280Acer travelmate 290 Acer travelmate 290DAcer travelmate 290EAcer travelmate 3000Acer travelmate 3010Acer travelmate 3020 Acer travelmate 3030Acer travelmate 3040Acer travelmate 310Acer travelmate 320Acer travelmate 3200Acer travelmate 3210Acer travelmate 3210ZAcer travelmate 3220Acer travelmate 3230Acer travelmate 3240Acer travelmate 3250Acer travelmate 3260Acer travelmate 3270Acer travelmate 3280Acer travelmate 3290 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Acer aspire M3-481Acer aspire M3-481G Acer aspire M3-580 Acer aspire M3-580G Acer aspire M3-581GAcer aspire M3-581PTAcer aspire M3-581PTGAcer aspire M3-581TAcer aspire M3-581TG Acer aspire M5-481 Acer aspire M5-481GAcer aspire M5-481PTAcer aspire M5-481PTG Acer aspire M5-481TAcer aspire M5-481TG Acer aspire M5-581GAcer aspire M5-581TAcer aspire M5-581TGAcer aspire M5-582PTAcer aspire M5-583P Acer aspire P3-131Acer aspire P3-171Acer aspire S3-331Acer aspire S3-371 Acer aspire S3-391Acer aspire S3-392 Acer aspire S3-392G Acer aspire S3-951Acer aspire S5-391Acer aspire S7-191Acer aspire S7-391 Acer aspire S7-392 Acer aspire S7-392 (InstantGo) Acer aspire V5-121Acer aspire V5-122PAcer aspire V5-123 Acer aspire V5-131Acer aspire V5-132Acer aspire V5-132PAcer aspire V5-171 Acer aspire V5-431Acer aspire V5-431G Acer aspire V5-431PAcer aspire V5-431PGAcer aspire V5-452GAcer aspire V5-452PG Acer aspire V5-471Acer aspire V5-471G Acer aspire V5-471PAcer aspire V5-471PGAcer aspire V5-472 Acer aspire V5-472GAcer aspire V5-472PAcer aspire V5-472PGAcer aspire V5-473Acer aspire V5-473G Acer aspire V5-473P Acer aspire V5-473PGAcer aspire V5-531Acer aspire V5-531G Acer aspire V5-531PAcer aspire V5-531PG Acer aspire V5-551Acer aspire V5-551GAcer aspire V5-552Acer aspire V5-552G Acer aspire V5-552PAcer aspire V5-552PGAcer aspire V5-561Acer aspire V5-561GAcer aspire V5-561P Acer aspire V5-561PGAcer aspire V5-571Acer aspire V5-571GAcer aspire V5-571PAcer aspire V5-571PGAcer aspire V5-572Acer aspire V5-572GAcer aspire V5-572PGAcer aspire V5-572PGAcer aspire V5-573Acer aspire V5-573G Acer aspire V5-573PAcer aspire V5-573PG Acer aspire V7-481 Acer aspire V7-481GAcer aspire V7-481PAcer aspire V7-481PGAcer aspire V7-482PAcer aspire V7-482PGAcer aspire V7-581Acer aspire V7-581GAcer aspire V7-581PAcer aspire V7-581PGAcer aspire V7-582PAcer aspire V7-582PG

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